Dan McArthur for Mayor of St. George


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On March 8, 1948, Dan McArthur was born to Eldon and Denise. McArthur and his seven siblings were the fourth generation in their family to live in St. George and they certainly weren't the last with McArthur having seven children of his own along with 15 rowdy grandchildren who have all become his rock and foundation.

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Dan McArthur served on the St. George City council for 10 years before he got elected as Mayor on November 1993. Since then, McArthur has been successful in guiding St. George through the hardest economical times without raising taxes making St. George a destination for the arts, recreation, and family centered homes.

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It's not over yet. Dan McArthur still has a prosperous vision for the future of St. George and has hopes to continue with the progression of this beloved town. Your vote will allow McArthur to continue working with Jon and other city council members in order to progress towards the betterment of our community.

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